మన రాజమండ్రి हमारा राजमंड्री Mana Rajahmundry

Frequently asked questions


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  1. Who we are?
   We are an NGO for public service.

  2. Case study and What is the use of GIS for public administration?
   Case study
   A Blog on some OSGeo India initiatives.

  3. Software used
   QGIS, pgAdmin and Geoserver.

  4. Why "Open source"?
   Why Open source

  5. Why "Open Data"?
   Open Geospatial data can be freely downloaded and modified/updated
   This makes the Geospatial Data sustaineable.

  6. More Queries?
   Use WFS/WMS layers in QGIS.

  7. How to open WFS layers in QGIS?
   a. Click on "Add WFS layer", a new window "Add WFS Layer from a server" will appear.
   b. Select "New" on "Add WFS Layer from a server"
   c. Enter "Name" and "URL" http://www.mana-rajahmundry.org:8181/geoserver/rjy/wfs, Click on "OK"
   d. Click on "Connect" on "Add WFS Layer from a server"
   e. Then existing WFS layers will appear on "Add WFS Layer from a server"
   f. Select any one click on "Add", layer will add on QGIS
   g. Right click on the layer, click on "Save As"

  8. How to open WMS layers in QGIS?
   a. Click on "Add WMS/WMTS Layer", a new window "Add Layers from WMS server" will appear.
   b. Follow steps 7.b onwards

  9. OSGeo India
  OSGeo India